Whether you build integrations in-house or outsource, SafeDigit's pricing plans are designed to bring you a better return on investment



(billed annually)

Everything you need to get started

up to 10 integrations

up to 50,000 runs/month



(billed annually)

For high volumes and ambituous goals

unlimited integrations

up to 500,000 runs/month



(billed annually)

Ready to scale with you

unlimited integrations

up to 1,500,000 runs/month

Premium SLA



Custom plans

custom for Enterprises who need scale, flexibility, and additional services

A little more context


A Run is when an integration executes. It can have any number of steps or API calls and it can move any amount of data.

An example is if your customer sends through an order — the full workflow that follows is 1 run.

Premium SLA

Premium SLA refers to a custom Service Level Agreement and support services, shared with clients on Growth and Enterprise plans.


An Integration refers to a connection between a 3rd party (e.g. Woocommerce) and your system, where SafeDigit has assisted.

For an application or plugin, SafeDigit will consider it to be two integrations.

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