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Integrations & automations that scale with you


If you're just starting out

1 connector

up to 1,000 runs/month


For mild volumes and plans to grow

Up to 10 connectors

up to 5,000 runs/month


For high volumes and ambituous goals

Unlimited connectors

up to 100,000 runs/month


Ready to scale with you

Unlimited Connectors

Unlimited Runs

eCommerce Apps & Plugins

A Little More Context


A "run" is single execution of a block or a trigger. For example, if your integration has a workflow to process online orders, and this workflow consist of 2 blocks and a trigger, each time an order is automatically processed from start to finish, that counts as 3 runs. 


A "connector" links two apps or services, so they can communicate and share data. Like a QuickBooks and Shopify connector, to automatically update sales records in QuickBooks for every Shopify purchase, streamlining accounting without manual work.


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Pricing Explanation
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