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Logistics integrations,
in a fraction of the time

SafeDigit enables you to release native integrations and plugins with the apps your customers love — in minutes

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Logistics Integrations For Your Customers In 3 Steps

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Choose a Source

Work with the most popular data sources across eCommerce, order management, TMS, WMS, ERP and more.

Format the Data

Get straight to the data you need instead of querying APIs directly.  We make it easy to transform the data to fit your existing design.

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Send to Backend

Once integrated, SafeDigit will send new user data to your backend as it is available, and notify you via webhook.

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Old Way

Tech Debt + Wasted Time

  • Use open source or paid tools

  • Connect these tools

  • Make architectural decisions

  • Build a workflow around it

  • Build a frontend over it

  • Manage that in perpetuity

  • Take support tickets

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New Way

No Debt + Time to Code

  • Perform our 3 step setup

  • No more dealing with different APIs

  • No long-term operational burden


Our high performance system and monitoring ensure continuously satisfied, sticky endusers. You control support and the experience, and we manage 3rd party API updates.

Industries We Serve

Logistics Software Providers

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Last Mile Couriers /

Logistics Service

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Launch Your Own Fullfillment Apps and Plugins

Release fully integrated apps and plugins for your delivery service, straight into popular eCommerce app stores

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