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Build scalable, native integrations in a fraction of the time

SafeDigit empowers developers to build native, user-facing integrations in minutes — without sacrificing control over the data.

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Release Integrations Faster Than Ever

Offer your next SaaS integration to customers in four steps.

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Choose a Source App

Support the most widely used data sources out of the box, or add your own connectors using the open source Singer framework.

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Format the Data

Cherry pick the data you need instead of querying APIs directly. Create and run Python preprocessing scripts so data comes in exactly how you want it.

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Send to Backend

SafeDigit will send new user data to your backend as it is available, and notify you via webhook.

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Embed the SafeDigit widget into your product to enable your customers to connect and configure their data, without ever leaving your application.


Everytime a data integration is built in-house, tech debt follows. Even with a great variety of open source tools out there, you still have to connect these tools, build a workflow around them, build a frontend over it, and manage that in perpetuity.


SafeDigit leverages and builds on top of open source tools like Singer and Meltano, so that you'll never have to worry about a 3rd-party API update breaking your integration. All the while, you're in control of your integrations, with hardly any need to code.

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Start Building Integrations

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