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SafeDigit empowers data buyers to acquire data their way, in 80% less time.

Find your ideal data vendor. We'll help you put their data to use in a few days

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Effortless  Acquisition

Data Quality Assessment

Our proprietary tool  automatically assesses data provider quality, as per your criteria. Stay in control of data sourcing, but spend a fraction of the time

Accelerated Vendor Onboarding

We're your single, secure, compliant, no code API. Once you integrate with us, your data providers can share to you via no code API, breezing by compliance review and ETL steps.

Enhanced Performance

Achieve higher success rates as we help you monitor data perforamnce KPIs. We'll also identify new vendor matches for any data gaps you have

Secure Vault

Encrypt your sensitive datasets and use custom rules for API access control and privacy. Control who can access your data APIs, how frequently, and for how long.

Streamlined Data Privacy

Let SafeDigit help ensure your data providers are compliant with your risk framework, by securing and anonymizing data in accordance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations.

Automated APIs

You're no longer dependent on development teams. Data buyers and sellers can create no code APIs from datasets on demand.

Intelligent Data Discovery

Once SafeDigit understands your definition of success, we'll benchmark third party data providers and surface the best matches to you.


Data Work Requires a Modern Toolkit

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How it Works
SafeDigit Data Privacy Software

Setup your API Subscription

Once you integrate with us, any data provider you work with, even the non-tech savvy, can share secure datasets via no code APIs. You can easily control privacy and access.

Experience complete security

Your data provider's files are encrypted at the top industry standard of AES 256. Not even SafeDigit employees can gain access to your data. We'll help every vendor reach a higher standard.

Automate Data performance

Teach SafeDigit how you evaluate data providers, and we'll help to automate an initial quality screening and surface red flags. Turn on data discovery to let us find vendors with answers to your data gaps.

Embrace no code

We make it easy for non-technical personnel to manage your external data business — from no code APIs, access control, indexing, data sharing, auditing, compliance review, invoicing, reporting, and more!  

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