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Data privacy & security, made easy

Managing PII, ePHI, and regulated data is increasingly hard. SafeDigit's software helps you share, store, and leverage your data with global compliance. 

Safeguard your data effortlessly

Breach Protection

Encrypt your data with the highest standard AES 256 algorithm, and keep a data store to  search, analyze, and use secure data

Fast Compliance

SafeDigit’s secure vault and software accelerate 

compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA and more

Cost Savings

Put your developers and teams to better use. Save time and money creating no code APIs and complete data solutions in minutes

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Data Work Requires a Modern Toolkit

Secure Vault 

Encrypt your sensitive datasets and use custom rules for API access control and privacy. Control who can access your data APIs, how frequently, and for how long.

Automated APIs

Easily create APIs from your dataset so that you can share them with internal teams or external partners using no code.

Streamlined Data Localization

Let SafeDigit handle regulated data and keep you compliant globally. Set controls and automate data residency while still leveraging the cloud platforms you love.


For those who sell data, capitalize on the value of your assets by finding ideal customers or ideal suppliers using SafeDigit's marketplace. A safe and secure way to look for and sell data.

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How it Works
SafeDigit Data Privacy Software

Upload data by CSV or API

Once your files are encrypted, not even SafeDigit employees can gain access to your data. Your key is the only master key. Period

Setup API Subscriptions

Your secure datasets can be indexed and subscribed to. Spin up APIs with no code in minutes, and easily control privacy and access.

Automate Data Management

We make it easy to manage your data business — from access control, indexing, data sharing, auditing, invoicing, and more!

Leverage Your Data

You'll be able to search, analyze and use your secure data. And if you sell data, our marketplace will connect you with ideal clients seeking data from your niche.

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Learn how you can use SafeDigit to share, store, and leverage your data with global compliance. 

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