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Effortless integration and automation, that scales.

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With SafeDigit's no-code/low-code platform, you can effortlessly build and maintain complex integrations

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Even your team's most junior developers can quickly and effectively build connectors

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Start with a Trigger

Begin by choosing a trigger that launches your workflow. This could be an event like a new order or a scheduled time.

Build with Blocks

Use our intuitive blocks to map out your workflow. Transform data, make decisions, and route information seamlessly through pipelines, all with drag-and-drop ease.

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Automate & Analyze

Launch your workflow and let SafeDigit handle the rest. Our platform automatically processes and routes data, while giving you insights through real-time logging and analytics.

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Old Way

Tech Debt + Wasted Time

  • Use open source or paid tools

  • Connect these tools

  • Make architectural decisions

  • Build a workflow around it

  • Build a frontend over it

  • Manage that in perpetuity

  • Take support tickets

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New Way

No Debt + Time Saved

  • Rapid, low code & no code integration

  • Quickly automated workflows and scalable applications

  • Unified, simplified API management

  • Advanced security

  • Reduced operational and support effort

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Launch Your Own Fullfillment Apps and Plugins

Release fully integrated apps and plugins for your delivery service, straight into popular eCommerce app stores

Industries We Serve


Shopping Cart Platforms, Payment Gateways, Email Marketing Tools, Shipping and Fulfillment Services, and more 

MSPs & Agencies

Services Automation, Remote Monitoring and Management, Cloud Services Platforms, Virtualization Management, more


Applicant Tracking Systems, Payroll Systems, Employee Performance Management, Time and Attendance Systems, more


CRM, Collaboration and Communication Tools, Project Management Tools, Financial Management Systems, more


TMS, WMS, Shipping Software, eCommerce platforms, Inventory Management Systems, Delivery Management, more


Customer data platforms, marketing tools, accounting, payment processing, and much more

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